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Shot Locker Productions was founded by entertainment industry veterans and brothers, Sean and Brooks Paxton II.


We're often asked why we do what we do and if it's all about the recognition and achievement. There's more to it than mere recognition. That's always appreciated, but the achievements themselves are their own special reward and they also reveal the most about why we actually do ... what we do.

- Joined Expedition & Produced Live Underwater Dedication Broadcast from Civil War era Shipwreck Narcissus
- Produced Six Part Educational Series Florida Aquarium's Tanks to the Ocean
- Led Expedition, Created Format, Produced & Hosted the 2013 & 2014 Shark's Eye Release Tournament in Montauk, NY
- Joined Expeditions to 18th Century Shipwreck Queen Anne's Revenge
- Produced Series Blackbeard & the Queen Anne's Revenge
- Produced Documentary Rich History Priceless Future, the Tarpon of Boca Grande Pass
- Joined Expeditions to Mayakka River Deep Hole to Provide Dive Safety Measures, Document Exploration, Studies & Research
- Co Produced with Curt Bowen an Oral History Documentary & Conducted Interview with Dr. Eugenie Clark
- Led Expedition, Created Format, Produced & Hosted the 2010, 2011 & 2013 Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge
- Provided Production Coordination for Discovery Channel Shark Week
- Shark Brothers Featured in Shark Week Episode How JAWS Changed the World
- Joined Expedition with Nat'l Geographic Society & Mote Center for Shark Research to tag Bull Sharks
- Provided Production Coordination for NatGeo Wild Series Monster Fish
- Shark Brothers Featured in Episode of Series Monster Fish
- Joined Expedition as Mote Marine Laboratory Science Team Members to Document Effects of BP Oil Spill Disaster
- Joined expedition & Produced Live Two Way Underwater Broadcasts from Civil War era Shipwreck Narcissus
- Provided Technical Consultation & Produced Series the Blacktip Challenge
- Joined Expedition with Mote Center for Shark Research to Conduct and Document Relative Abundance Studies
- Led Expeditions to Conventionally tag Coastal Shark Species Using Land Based Angling Techniques
- Created & Launched Int'l Land Based Shark Fishing Association Effectively Revolutionizing Catch & Release Shark Fishing
To be continued...

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We welcome our fair share of what some might call conventional projects, but we really thrive when exploring ideas that provide our client collaborators and us with opportunities to color outside the lines, especially when a creative vision requires it. We call them wild ideas because they tend to jump out of the box and inspire innovative ways of reaching and engaging people by leveraging emerging media technologies and distribution options.

FROM SERVICES HEADER. Every project and vision demands a unique set of needs and flexibility is key to making them happen. Work within the parameters of your budget. We can collaborate from any point in your work flow or concept development executed by world class talent.

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LIVE EVENTS: Production, filming and editing of public or private events such as concerts and fundraisers.


Living the wild life for these outdoor adventure junkies, performers and filmmakers has been a family business for decades. From the rock and roll stage to swimming with sharks outside the cage, the Shark Brothers are no doubt wild by nature, and that shared spirit translates directly to their work both in front of and behind the cameras.


are hands-on perspective punctuates this live show with an array of video footage and photos captured by them during collaborations on historically significant documentaries, science and research expeditions, and personal adventures.

By sharing purposeful stories of adventure, wildlife and exploration, while leveraging their experience as performers and producers, they've become recognized as innovative and influential personalities in the world of
educational entertainment.

For Immediate Release: January 07, 2013

Sean and Brooks Paxton aka the Shark Brothers will share their stories of adventure and exploration in the wild with students at the Out of Door Academy on January 11th, 2013 in an exciting educational presentation entitled “Wild by Nature”. Through their combined experience as adventurers, entertainers, educators and producers, the brothers are uniquely qualified personalities in the world of educational entertainment. They say, “It was our childhood fascination with adventure and wildlife that never went away and the years we spent traveling the world with our show business family that lead us to where we are today.”