Flexibility and Service Options to Make it Happen.

As part of our Production Coordination and Fixing Services, many options can also be provided to news organizations, filmmakers and production companies, including those on assignment internationally. Please contact us directly if we can be of assistance.

Creative > Every assignment for us begins by working directly with you and your team to provide collaborative guidance related to project scope, conceptual vision, distribution and related budgetary options. 

Writing > Long and short form narration, commercial voiceover, editorial and scripted content for all mediums.

Cinematography > Single or multiple camera footage shot in any location including underwater and aerial for delivery to client or for edit to various formats. Capable of shooting up to 4K resolution in most scenarios.

Still Photography > Single or multiple camera images captured in any location including underwater and aerial for delivery to client or for edit. 

Lighting & Sound > A wide array of options can be applied for creating the best atmosphere visually and capturing clean audio under any conditions in most locations and scenarios.

Editing > Using content captured by us or provided footage, images or sound, we've got all the tools and talent necessary to bring those elements together for maximum impact and effect, based on project needs.

Custom Sound & Music Scoring > Music is an often missed or misused element in many forms of produced content. Skilled choices, timing and placement when mixed and cut with precision add emotional power that brings projects and stories to life. Our skilled in-house talent and vast libraries join to leverage this power for content produced by us or within your existing projects.

Voiceover & Narration > We have access to hundreds of talented voice actors capable of nailing everything from promotional spots to long narration and even musical jingles. Used separately or when coupled with our in-house writing, editing, sound and music scoring services, your story or message will hit the mark.

Production Coordination > If you're an out of town producer, production company or news organization, we can provide logistical support, arrange interviews, secure assets and personnel for your terrestrial and aquatic productions. Nat'l Geographic Society, Discovery Channel, Waddell Media and Nat Geo Wild are some of the companies we've provided services for.

Technical Advisement > For production and logistical support purposes, Shot Locker Founders can be commissioned for production and technical consulting. Areas of expertise include wildlife handling and interactions including those with sharks and certain terrestrial species, as well as shooting in certain outdoor scenarios and/or with wildlife. 

Digital Preservation > For commercial and private clientele. Preserve and protect your priceless analog and printed assets such as VHS and DVD, photographs, documents, slides and artwork by converting them to various modern digital formats. Custom printing and produced content options are also available. 

Media Packaging > For content produced by Shot Locker or for other provided media assets, numerous options exist for professionally customizing, packaging and distributing a finished standalone product that can also be leveraged to enhance or promote a digital, televised, live event or print offering. Formats include DVD, BlueRay, Custom Thumb Drive Presentations and Digital Brochures. Additionally, custom print and publication campaigns can also be designed to maximize a company, event, personality or cause marketing strategy. Examples.

Cyclorama / Green Screen > When a project requires it, we have access to a state-of-the art white corner cyc room with green screen capabilities. The facility is located in Tampa and includes a 1200 square foot studio with world-class lighting and audio capabilities and ratings. 

Stock Footage > We possess a vast library of stock footage for virtually every conceivable visual scene, scenario, wildlife species, cityscape and scenario underwater, in the air or the middle of nowhere. Available for use in our productions or for purchase by news organizations and other media outlets.

Presenting & Hosting > Shot Locker Founders don't spend all their time behind the scenes. As noted personalities in their own right, Sean and Brooks Paxton also spend a generous amount of time in front of the cameras and on the stage as on-screen presenters and hosts, event emcees, advocates for adventure in the outdoors, sustainable practices, education and as experts for related news stories. 

Distribution > The world we live in today and how we communicate with each other has changed dramatically in the past few years, and for the better. Whether your intended target is millions of fans, potential clients or donors of vital funding, an invited group of VIP's or a classroom full of school kids, opportunities exist to reach out and touch them in very engaging ways. At Shot Locker, we know how to leverage these options for optimal reach and impact.

Format Strategy for Series and Documentary Lengths > There are a number of variables that should be taken into consideration. With a series, the amount of content available will play a big role in the  decision to go with, for instance, a six to eight part, 30 or 60 minute per episode format or four to seven episodes that might total 45 to 60 minutes. Distribution and intended audience are also key factors with the options and corresponding policies of commercial television, PBS format or the web guiding these decisions. With web distribution, there there are far less stringent, but still guiding requirements and policies. Regarding documentaries, there are no real rules dictating the length. A full length feature could run anywhere from 44 minutes to more than 2 hours. On the other hand, the length of a mini-documentary might be anywhere from 2-25 minutes and can be a great way to share your story if you don’t have the time or budget (or need) for a full length feature format. A mini-documentary might also be referred to as a short film or mini-doc. This format can be an extremely effective way to get a message or story across in a limited amount of time. A common way that mini-documentaries are used is to share the story or mission of a non-profit organization or business. Of course, available budgets for all phases of production and intended distribution, packaging and marketing are always going to play, perhaps, the biggest role in decisions regarding length for series or documentary formats. Every assignment for us begins by working directly with you and your team to provide collaborative guidance related to project scope, conceptual vision, distribution and related budgetary options. 

These examples and services represent just some of our work and what's possible. The rest, we leave up to your imagination and needs. We invite you to contact us directly and share those details.

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