Wildlife Capture, Relocation and Release

Widely recognized as the Shark Brothers for their work with aquatic species, Sean and Brooks Paxton also answer the call of the wild on dry land,  providing their expertise as wildlife capture and relocation specialists. 

Up-close-and-personal interaction with wild animals has fascinated us since we were kids chasing snakes and lizards around the backyard. That explains a lot about what we do professionally today. Personally, we're long-time believers in letting nature take its course, but sometimes, it's impossible for us to stand by and do nothing. In the case of vital conservation research needs or sick, injured and orphaned animals, we feel a little wildlife intervention is justified. This is especially true when these situations are often the result of unfortunate interactions with us humans, and the detrimental effects that things like urban sprawl and fast-moving vehicles can have on a wide range of wild species.

For many years now, we've provided our expertise in the capture, handling and relocation of compromised animals to organizations like the Wildlife Center of Venice, Florida where they specialize in the rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. In some cases involving species of special concern such as the American alligator, osprey and panther, important opportunities exist for conservation science to benefit from the brief duration capture of certain live specimens.

A few Images and Videos Below of the Brothers in Action. Click on Images to Enlarge.

Demonstrating the latest in net gun technology used to capture birds and small to medium-sized mammals and reptiles.

Successful re-nesting of American bald eagle chicks.

Removal and relocation of eastern diamondback rattlesnake


North American Alligator Rescue and Release

Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nesting Ritual Captured

Tackle Removal on Goliath Grouper that eats Shark Bait

Rescue and Re-Nesting of Juvenile Screech Owl

Public Service Announcement - Pelicans and Fishing Tackle